NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina

NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina

A huge part of Charlotte and North Carolina is the race car culture that is prevalent among the residents. Due to Charlotte’s reputation for having a very prominent race car culture, both the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Charlotte Motor Speedway are located within the city.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a museum for people to learn about the history, technology, and legendary icons from the sport of NASCAR. Similar to other sports’ hall of fame’s, the NASCAR Hall of Fame inducts people annually to be in the Hall of Fame. These are individuals who have proven to have contributed significantly in the world of NASCAR.

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is a huge racetrack that can host 171,000 spectators during some of the biggest NASCAR races in history. For example, the Coca Cola 600 is an annual race held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during Memorial Day Weekend, and it is the longest NASCAR race that is held. It is a total 600 miles of racing, and it begins while it is still bright during the day at the late afternoon. Then, it continues until the sun sets while several lights are beaming down on the race track.

The countless number of races that are held nearly daily at the Charlotte Motor Speedway just goes to show how important of a sport NASCAR is in the city of Charlotte. Additionally, they go the extra length to host STEM learning opportunities. These are events where kids and students can come to learn about the science behind race cars and what makes them so special. Unlike other sports such as golf or baseball, race cars require a very complex knowledge of physics and chemistry in order to perform at the highest level.

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