At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, our advanced dentistry staff is proud to offer all of the latest and most advanced methods of caring for your smile. One such method is through ICON by DMG America. ICON is a product that can help prevent tooth decay and treat white spots without the need for any drilling. Through the use of ICON, patients can preserve the majority of their natural hard tissue and help the appearance of their smile! Read More

What is ICON?

Charlotte Icon Smooth Cavity Treatment Short for “infiltration concept,” ICON is a micro-invasive means of treating initial stage caries, or tooth decay. Caries in the early stage can lead to white spots on the tooth, which, in addition to signaling a deeper problem, can cause an unsightly smile. These white spots often appear after the removal of braces, and until recently, there hasn’t been an ideal solution for them. In the past, the only way to treat caries effectively was to drill into the tooth and remove the decayed area, which often required healthy tissue to be taken out as well. With ICON, the need for drilling is removed, and the affected areas can be treated at an earlier stage. ICON is also good for treating proximal caries that can’t be easily reached by a dentist. Caries can form easily in the areas between teeth, and if they need to be drilled, there is an unfavorably high ratio of healthy to decayed tissue that will need to be taken out due to the position of the caries. ICON circumvents the need for drilling between teeth with its micro-invasive method of treatment.

Benefits of ICON

A patient who underwent tooth decay treatment in Charlotte, NC The main benefit of ICON is that it removes the need for any drilling. Many patients don’t like the thought of having their teeth drilled, and many dentists, including Dr. Broome, also like to avoid drilling if possible due to how much healthy tissue needs to be taken out. With ICON, healthy tissue is preserved and patients don’t need to worry about being drilled. ICON is a great, gentle means of counteracting white spots as well as treating proximal caries in a micro-invasive manner. ICON works by sealing the pores in the tooth, thus stopping acids from penetrating further into the lesion and causing further degeneration. It is also a good alternative for patients who have not seen results with the MI-Paste topical cream! Learn more about ICON by visiting DMG-Dental.com, the manufacturers of this treatment.

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If you have white spots or early stage tooth decay, don’t hesitate to ask if ICON is a good solution for you. Our Charlotte practice is proud to offer cutting-edge treatments, such as laser dentistry in a serene, spa-like office. To learn more about ICON and to make an appointment with one of our renowned dentists, please contact us today! Next, learn about total health dentistry.