Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep Apnea Appliances

If you or a loved one are in need of sleep apnea treatment, Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can fabricate a custom oral appliance that supports the lower jaw and helps keep the airway open for easy breathing throughout the night.

A sleep apnea appliance is similar to a mouth guard and only needs to be worn at night. Also known as a mandibular advancement device, the sleep apnea appliance helps position the mandible (lower jaw) forward slightly to keep the airway open for efficient breathing.

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Sleep apnea appliances can be used in addition to a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, which is one of the more traditional treatments for sleep apnea. However, more than half of all patients who have been prescribed a CPAP do not use it consistently because it is uncomfortable. A sleep apnea appliance is ideal for those who travel or find CPAP devices difficult to use on a nightly basis.

Many patients find OAT is a much more convenient way to improve airflow and reduce apnea episodes as the device is custom designed to fit their teeth exactly. Using our digital impressions and technology, our patients can be sure to receive a sleep apnea appliance that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

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Sleep apnea screenings are quick and reliable, and oral appliances are custom-made to be softer on the inside, and more sturdy on the outside, using durable, BPA-free material. There is no need to rely on home sleep apnea screening or treatment services. Contact Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today!

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