3Shape Color Digital Scanner

3Shape Color Digital Scanner

Dentistry is the perfect industry for 3D scanning and custom digital software. With this innovative technology, gone are the days when dentists have to make dental impressions with trays full of putty and patients have to make multiple visits for uncomfortable adjustments. The latest advancements in 3D dental scanners have vastly improved patients' experiences when going to the dentist in Charlotte, whether for a general cleaning or a more complex dental treatment. Read More
The award-winning 3Shape is more than just the TRIOS intraoral scanner. It is a state-of-the-art modular system that can be customized to suit our dental treatments and our patients' needs. From digital impressions to custom designed restorations and same-day milling, the 3Shape enhances a patient’s comfort and reduces the amount of time he or she has to spend in the dentist's chair. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe in using the latest technology and techniques available to help each patient achieve the smile of their dreams. To receive high-quality dental care that is as relaxing as a day at a spa, schedule an appointment with us today.

State-of-the-Art Dental Scanner Technology

The 3Shape TRIOS RealColor dental scanner can capture crystal clear images of the entire inside of a patient’s mouth in realistic-looking color without compromising scanning speed and accuracy. The natural-looking colors and 3D images make it easier for dentists to distinguish between the different types of restorative materials (metals, enamel, composite, etc.) that may be present in the mouth, as well as identify possible bleeding or decay and recognize existing color transitions with enhanced detail.

The 3Shape TRIOS Advantage:

  • Comfortable and fast
  • Better fitting restorations
  • Improved impressions and clinical results
  • Fewer adjustments, impression remakes, and follow-up appointments
  • Less in-chair time

One Step Dental Restoration

The 3Shape TRIOS scanner is a remarkable addition to our range of in-office digital technologies that allow Dr. Broome to help each and every patient achieve a healthy new smile in a matter of hours rather than several weeks. Similar to our CEREC® system (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic), the innovative 3Shape Implant Studio® dental simulation software allows dentists to analyze and plan a patient’s entire treatment from the impression to the desired outcome in real-time with digital accuracy. Our patients absolutely love the digital scanners and they see first hand the difference it makes in their lives and in the dental treatments we can deliver. From complex dental implants and total smile makeovers to digital bite analyses with the TRIOS® Orthodontics software, Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can address myriad dental and orthodontic concerns in one appointment. To learn more about dental restoration, visit dhcs.ca.gov

The 3Shape TRIOS is the Ultimate Time Saver

With realistic full-color oral scans and the 3Shape Implant Studio®, the TRIOS scanner greatly reduces evaluation time and allows Dr. Broome to achieve predictable and cosmetically pleasing results for even the most complex cases. The software also allows dentists to view results in real-time with visual aids in order to better communicate dental treatment plans with their patients for more comfort and confidence. Dental impressions used to be a slow and uncomfortable process. By using the TRIOS 3D scanner and 3Shape digital technology, dentists now have the ability to cut down on making time-consuming impressions. Not only that, but digitally-made restorations are delivered faster with a more accurate fit and fewer adjustments. This leads to a decrease in the amount of time a patient must spend in the dentist chair and reduces the need for multiple visits to complete dental treatments. 3shape.com shows how it saves our practice time.

Experience Better Patient Comfort

With traditional intraoral scanners, patients have to keep absolutely still as the slightest movement can render the scan unusable for clinical purposes. However, maintaining absolute stillness can be difficult for most patients, especially younger patients. The TRIOS scanner was designed to allow for natural movement for improved patient comfort and better results. If a re-scan is needed, it’s simple to scan a selected area and then merge the images together in a matter of seconds to create a complete impression. This makes dental impressions easier and faster for the patient and gives the dentist the ability to get good, usable impressions every time that can then be used to manufacture restorations with our on-site mill. Dental treatments and orthodontic procedures are often seen as uncomfortable and time-consuming. However, using the 3Shape software improves patient outcomes with accurate impressions, clear treatment plan simulations, and custom designed orthodontic appliances and restorations. This reduces ill-fitting appliances and cuts down on the need for time-consuming follow-up visits and fittings.

Making Informed Decisions for a Healthy Smile Has Never Been Easier!

Knowledge is power and it’s easier to make an informed decision about your dental treatment needs if you understand why your dentist proposes certain treatments. Using an intraoral scanner and game-changing software bridges the communication divide between dentist and patient by delivering full-color, clear scans of the patient’s mouth. With the 3Shape technology, patients will have a clear view of their unique needs while their dentist is able to walk them through the dental treatments that are necessary to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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