Teeth-In-A-Day is the concept of supporting an entire dental arch prosthesis with four implants placed in specific locations. This technique is often called “All-On-X” when more than four implants are indicated.

Teeth-In-A-Day is the general term used to describe the procedure of removing damaged teeth, placing dental implants and then attaching a new dental prosthesis that replaces teeth in an entire arch. This procedure can be a cost effective treatment option for patients in Charlotte with significant tooth damage or periodontal disease, or patients who already have a denture/partial and would like more stability which can be provided by dental implants.

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dentures dental treatment charlotte nc 1024x1024 - Teeth-In-A-DayInstead of paying to rebuild broken down and severely damaged natural teeth, a patient can decide to have the damaged teeth removed and a new smile rebuilt with dental implants as the new decay-proof foundation.

“Teeth-In-A-Day” is a single day event but represents the culmination of weeks to months of meticulous planning and a well constructed surgical and restorative plan. The results are life-changing and amazing.

Dr. Broome and his team at the Charlotte office are utilizing what they call “Digital Workflow” to reduce the time and steps required for Teeth-In-A-Day treatment options. The team at Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry can digitally design the new smile then plan the number and optimal position of implants required to support the new denture or zirconia bridge.

Teeth-In-A-Day can be a great option for patients who have significant dental issues yet wish to have a beautiful smile. The denture(s) or zirconia bridges are custom designed, fabricated, and fitted in our Charlotte office using state-of-the-art diagnostic and scanning technology. The dentures are comfortable and secure, fitting the implant platform perfectly. This solid and secure connection allows for better chewing efficiency, less daily maintenance, and a secure and beautiful smile you can be confident showing. Many patients are surprised to learn that they can finally eat foods that were difficult to eat with damaged teeth or with traditional dentures. The stability of dental implants eliminates the worry about pain or security of their dentures thanks to Teeth-In-A-Day. To learn more about dentures, visit medlineplus.gov

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