T-Scan Digital Dentistry

T-Scan Digital Dentistry

In today’s world it seems almost every activity is aided by computers in some way. Dentistry is no exception. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re committed to embracing dental technology that provides a significant benefit for our patients. The T-scan digital bite analysis system is one of the key digital dentistry services that we have at our disposal that provides significantly better results for our patients. This technology has been utilized in our practice since 2007. However, many new patients are not aware of this advanced technology available in the dental service field. Read More

What is the T-Scan and How Does it Make Dentistry Better?

Traditionally, dentists performed bite check by using various marking devices like articulating paper, pressure indicator paste, and waxes. Experience and a knowledge of where teeth should contact are mainly used to help the patient find a comfortable bite. The end result is not truly precise due to the patient being numb and a lack of sensitivity in detecting simultaneous contact. The traditional methods are also completely ineffective in measuring bite force and the timing of those contacts. The T-scan system allows our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Broome, to determine what areas need evaluation and adjustment. Tekscan, the company behind this digital dentistry device, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in tactile pressure and force sensors systems. Their official description of T-Scan is, “a diagnostic device that measures relative biting forces, timing and location and is an excellent adjunct to articulating paper.” In layman’s terms, this digital dentistry device is a high tech device that allows dentists to have a better understanding and enhanced view of patient’s bite. Ultra-thin Mylar grid-based sensor technology and comprehensive occlusal analysis software transform how the dentist approaches bite evaluations. Click here to learn more about T-Scan  by visiting tekscan.com.

How is the T-Scan Used by Dentists?

Charlotte Bite Jaw Scanner Dentistry The T-Scan and its enhanced diagnostic tools is what makes it such a great tool for dentists. However, the ease of use is what patient’s will notice most. You simply bite on a very thin flexible foil material that is actually a circuit board loaded with pressure sensors. These sensor collect the data which is viewable live on the computer screen. The data is captured and recorded as a digital movie file in special software that allows the dentists to immediately begin their analysis. Bite force location, intensity, and timing are all captured during each bite “scan." The software also allows the information to be viewed in three dimensions.

How Accurate is the T-Scan?

Very accurate. And by very, we mean exact. A good comparison would be to call traditional method of checking the bite “analog” and the new digital dentistry bite analysis as high-definition. No other tool in Charlotte allows dentists to see their patient’s bite in such detail.

What are the Other Benefits of T-Scan?

The accuracy of the T-Scan helps dentists detect contacts that are often missed by traditional bite paper. Patients with TMD/ TMJ issues, traumatized teeth, unstable dentures, or repeated porcelain fractures may potentially be able to benefit from the enhanced information the T-scan provides.

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