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We are not able to tell you exactly how much your dental benefit plan will reimburse for a given treatment. We can only provide an estimate based on the information we receive from your benefit plan. We will be happy to perform a complimentary benefits analysis for you. This will offer you an idea of what your benefit plan may be reimbursed. Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is a fee-for-service practice. This means our patients pay at the time of service and our office submits your claim to your dental benefits provider as a courtesy for you. Our patients tell us they typically receive their insurance reimbursement in about seven to 10 days after their office visit. Read More

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Our responsibility is to you, the patient. Our suggestions are based on comprehensive exam findings and customize a plan designed specifically to help you obtain optimal health. We feel strongly that our patients deserve the very best options available today. Our Charlotte office will be happy to provide photographs and radiographs (x-rays) along with your claim to assist with maximum reimbursement for you. Every patient’s dental benefits plan is different. Your employer has negotiated with the insurance carriers on your behalf. There are countless versions of benefits plans available and each plan carries a unique breakdown of allowed and excluded benefits. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand their specific dental benefits plan. Dental benefits discussed with the patient are only an estimate. In the event that a patient’s insurance carrier pays less than the estimated amount, it will be the patient’s responsibility to address that issue directly with his or her benefit plan provider. To learn more about dental coverage, visit

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