Facial Plastics/Dental Solutions

Facial Plastics/Dental Solutions

As a skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Broome is uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic and dental procedures to help his patients look and feel their best, from achieving a brighter healthier teeth to reducing the signs of aging that occur as we age.

Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to providing comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that give our patients the confidence they deserve.

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In many cases, even patients with the healthiest teeth can feel self-conscious about their smiles, particularly if they suffer from an issue known as a gummy smile. Excess gum tissue or an exceptionally broad smile can make even the most sparkling teeth appear small or overshadowed by the gum tissue.

With non-surgical or minimally-invasive techniques, Dr. Broome can reduce or eliminate the gummy display and improve the smile to help his patients feel attractive and confident.

Additionally, smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions over the years can begin to leave their mark on a person’s appearance, such as smile lines. Today, there are solutions to replace lost volume in the face and lip area that is non-invasive. Dermal fillers are an excellent option that many haven’t considered. Dr. Broome, along with the help of Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh of Carolina Facial Plastics, can help increase lip volume, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles that may detract from a patient’s smile by using Botox injections or Restylane dermal fillers.

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To learn more about the cosmetic facial plastics and dental solutions available at Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today. Your youthful appearance and confident smile is just one phone call away! To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, visit medlineplus.gov

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