Charlotte’s Top Dentist Reveals The Truth About Teeth Whitening Safety

Almost everyone wants whiter teeth. It’s a great way to achieve a brighter, more attractive smile and to boost your self-confidence. While there are many products you can use at home to whiten your teeth, experts recommend that people have their teeth whitened at a dental office. Not only should you strive for whiter teeth, but you should also make sure you achieve a smile that is both happy and healthy.  Patrick J. Broome, DMD, is the founder and owner of Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. It is his primary goal to improve smiles. From cosmetic dentistry to Invisalign, he is passionate about delivering amazing results, as well as pioneering innovative ways to provide safe and minimally invasive treatments for patients in Charlotte, NC. With his talent, expertise, and unique eye for smile design when it comes to procedures such as teeth whitening, Dr. Broome is able to draw a wide number of patients from all over the world to his Southpark, Charlotte office. 

Pros And Cons of Store-Bought DIY Whitening Products Charlotte Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening Patient

A walk through the oral hygiene aisle in the grocery store or even a quick Google search will give you access to everything from strips to trays and tubes of toothpaste that promise to give you whiter teeth in as little as two weeks. Below, we compare various DIY teeth whitening products and highlight each set of their pros and cons.

Whitening Toothpaste

Primarily an abrasive substance, whitening toothpaste makes for an affordable option for those wanting to get rid of teeth stains.


  • The abrasive nature of whitening toothpaste can remove or prevent organic stains (e.g., stains from coffee, tea red wine, and berries) from forming on the teeth.
  • Very easy to use
  • Cheap and widely available in drug stores, groceries, and online businesses


  • Not effective on inorganic stains (stains that develop inside the tooth)
  • The abrasive nature of whitening toothpaste can cause teeth sensitivity. This not only affects the teeth but can also result in gum recession.
  • It needs to be used for a long time to see results.
  • Due to its popularity, there is a wide array of products to choose from, some of which are not of good quality and don’t deliver results.

Whitening Strips

Typically made from flexible, transparent plastic sheets coated with a peroxide-based gel, a teeth whitening strip can easily mold itself to your teeth, providing a quick, hassle-free way to get a whitening treatment at home.


  • Readily available in drug stores, groceries, and online businesses
  • Easy to use
  • Results can be seen in a few days or weeks, making it reliable for those looking for a cost-effective way to get quick results.


  • If not used properly, gum tissue can become exposed to the whitening solution, causing a chemical burn or soft tissue irritation.
  • Since these whitening strips are popularly sold online, some products may not be authentic or might be part of a scam.
  • Whitening strips do not have the ability to whiten the entire surface of the tooth. These are two-dimensional whitening strips applied to three-dimensional teeth, therefore, there are areas of the teeth that won’t come into full contact with the strip, creating an inconsistent appearance.

Whitening Trays

What used to be teeth molds which are custom-made by a dentist and worn at home have also become over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all trays for DIY whitening.  


  • Can be cost-effective
  • Results can be seen in a short period of time.


  • Because the tray is not custom-made to the shape and structure of your teeth, results can be inconsistent.
  • Because the tray isn’t designed specifically for your teeth, it can be too big or too small, causing discomfort.
  • The wrong tray size can also lead to the unnecessary contact of bleaching chemicals to the gum line, causing irritation. best way to whiten teeth charlotte

Why Go To A Professional For Teeth Whitening

While they can be incredibly affordable and easily accessed, Store-bought whitening products can contain unhealthy amounts of chemicals that can damage the teeth over time. Some can even be dangerous since they have not been tested properly. And in cases where the product actually produces results, they can still cause harm in the hands of an inexperienced user who is not meticulous in following instructions.  There are many benefits to getting your teeth whitened professionally. Going to an experienced and highly-skilled dentist in Charlotte, NC will ensure that only the safest chemicals and the right amounts are being used. Dr. Broome will provide you with all the information you need, as well as perform an oral exam to achieve certainty that you are dentally fit to undergo any treatment. He will then determine the best form of treatment to whiten your teeth. He will expertly know how each type of procedure works and can safely guide you through the process, from start to finish.  In addition to safety, visiting a dental professional for teeth whitening will provide better results than store-bought products. Because the whitening treatment is completely controlled by a dentist, the results are guaranteed to be effective, while bypassing the risk of causing teeth damage or negatively impacting your oral health. To learn more about teeth whitening products, visit

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