11 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

stock image of a man and woman smiling for blog about the benefits of professional teeth whitening in Charlotte In recent years, thousands of teeth whitening products and gimmicks have hit the shelves of your local stores and can be seen on late night infomercials as well. Have you ever purchased a whitening product from the drugstore or mall and been less than impressed by the results? This is a story we hear every day. Consumer surveys show the average consumer will spend between $200 to $300 each year on over-the-counter teeth whitening products and yet still are unhappy with the whiteness of their teeth. Whitening results depend on a variety of factors but professions in-office whitening has been shown to be the safest and most predictable way to improve your smile. If you’re thinking of fixing stained teeth, why not seek treatment from a professional? At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Patrick Broome and his team have been whitening smiles every day for more than 14 years. Creating happy, healthy, white smiles is what we do! It’s difficult to keep your teeth white because time, diet, and certain daily habits (smoking, inconsistent flossing, and brushing routines, etc.) can contribute to staining or discoloration. Furthermore, we understand the impact that it can have on you socially, professionally, and (perhaps more importantly) romantically. That’s why, if you’re thinking of tooth whitening, you should get the very best professional teeth whitening procedure or dentist-recommended gel whitening products at Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Obvious Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s no secret that a mouth full of whiter teeth provides benefits, the most obvious being – a brighter more attractive smile. Stains or overall discoloration tends to dull your smile, so regardless of how widely you smile or heartily you laugh, your expressiveness has missing something. Whiter teeth restore this missing dimension to your self-esteem. Another obvious benefit is that of better oral health. With the removal of stains during a professional whitening session, your teeth can strengthen and become healthier, which increases the overall health of your gums as well as that of your entire mouth. Another common reason for tooth whitening is the effect it can have on your love life. While you may not turn anyone off before you have your teeth professionally whitened, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll turn someone’s head with a brighter, whiter smile. Fair trade, wouldn’t you say?

Less Obvious Benefits of Professionally Whitened Teeth

Maybe the obvious isn’t enough for you. The less obvious advantages of professional teeth whitening treatments are:

1. Stronger, More Thorough Whitening

At first glance, this seems more obvious than not, especially if you love the feeling of a professional cleaning over your regular dental hygiene with toothpaste and a toothbrush. A professional whitening session at your dentist’s office will provide better, whiter, and more even results. However, for a more thorough whitening, or to address moderate to severe stains or discoloration, a professional teeth whitening procedure outstrips any over-the-counter product, which is typically only good for light stains, if effective at all.

2. Speed and Reliability

You want fast? A professional tooth whitening procedure can give you whiter teeth in around an hour. That’s it. No series of sessions like other methods require. Plus, the results are reliable and with suggested home maintenance it’s long-lasting. Many over-the-counter products have a reputation for not whitening your teeth despite how often you use them. Your smile deserves better because no one wants to waste time and money on products that don’t deliver great results.

3. Customized Treatments

With over-the-counter treatments, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach – there’s no versatility. Each person cannot customize the product to fit his or her whitening preference. On the other hand, a professional whitening can be customized to give you the precise amount of whiteness that you’re looking for and in the areas that you need it most.

4. Safer, More Comfortable Treatment

patient receiving professional teeth whitening service from a cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC Over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies can cause damage to the gum tissue in your mouth. This can hurt and make your teeth sensitive to certain foods and drinks. A professional whitening treatment is much safer and more comfortable because you have an experienced expert performing the procedure and monitoring the progress every step of the way. The amount and concentration of whitening agent can be adjusted, and your gums and other parts of your mouth are covered for protection. You’ll also receive tips on post-session care for your teeth and how to limit tooth sensitivity.

5. Magnetic Results

With professional teeth whitening, your brighter smile becomes a magnet. People are drawn to you, as a nice smile attracts people and makes bold positive first impressions.

6. Good Grooming

White teeth also convey the sense that you have good grooming and daily habits. It also proclaims that you take pride in your appearance and pay attention to keeping yourself well groomed and attractive.

7. The Key to Your Success?

Research indicates that others perceive you as being more successful financially and professionally if you have bright white teeth. You’re seen as trustworthy and dependable, which can help you at work, during interviews, and in business overall.

8. Bright Smile = Mental Brightness?

British researchers studying the effects of tooth whitening found in a study of over 6,000 adults, aged 20 to 80, that people with healthy gums tend to have better mental capacity than those with gum disease. The effect of gum disease on the body, in general, could negatively impact mental functions.

Looking for Professional Teeth Whitening? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

Armed with whiter, healthier teeth, your self-confidence will overflow. But don’t settle for less than the best teeth whitening. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe your teeth deserve the best care possible, especially since your teeth are crucial to your overall health and happiness. To learn more about how tooth whitening can benefit you, contact our dental experts online or by calling us today.