About Charlotte, North Carolina

About Charlotte, North Carolina

Nicknamed “The Queen City,” Charlotte is the largest metropolitan city in the state of North Carolina, and it is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It is filled with up and coming young professionals, and due to the influx of new talent, it is becoming an economic powerhouse. In Charlotte’s metropolitan area, many regional and national banks are headquartered such as the widely known Bank of America.

In addition to the metropolitan area, there are many attractions for tourists to visit. These include visiting colleges, embracing the NASCAR culture, going to amusement parks, and enjoying the city’s natural wildlife.

Due to the booming metropolitan scene, Charlotte has an exciting downtown area similar to that of other cities. However, Charlotte’s downtown skyline is so beautiful, that it was used in the famous movie series, The Hunger Games. It is filled with tall skyscrapers with the names of banks emblazoned across the top, and this influx of young professionals is what fuels the technological innovation and growth in infrastructure. For example, they have built one of the largest NASCAR race tracks in the world, and there are a multitude of museums one can visit.

While Charlotte may not be on the top of everyone’s list of places to travel, it is definitely worth a visit. The weather is very exciting due to it having four distinct seasons from hot and humid summers and cold snowy winters. The traffic is not as congested as other cities considering how densely populated it is, but the street names can get quite confusing at certain unconventional intersections.

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