Are Bridges Better than Dentures?

Regular dental check-ups, diligent brushing and flossing, and overall good care of teeth still cannot prevent tooth loss for countless individuals across the nation every year. Losing a tooth, or several teeth, can cause many complications for a patient, but here at the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Patrick J. Broome can help you restore your smile to its natural beauty. Those who have lost multiple teeth face a choice: dental implants, dentures, or a dental bridge. Dental implants are generally the best option, but may be out of budget for some patients. While dentures have remained popular for many years, bridges are the superior choice for many reasons. Read on to learn more about the advantages of dental bridges.

The Complications of Dentures

Dentures have improved over the years. Better material options now allow them to be stronger and more resilient to everyday use while new implant attachment solutions can prevent them from slipping or falling out. However, dentures are still more time-consuming to care for than bridges. They also tend to cause more discomfort and are more easily detected due to clicking or slipping. The disadvantages of choosing dentures over bridges include: • Chewing efficiency is reduced by at least 40% • Extended period of adjustment time for new dentures is common. • Learning curve concerning foods you can eat. • Hot/cold sensation of food is altered since denture material covers palate • Practice needed for speaking clearly with dentures. • Traditional dentures over time may require adhesives to hold them in place. • Plaque and bacteria buildup on dentures can harm your gums and other teeth. • Consistent care and replacements needed to keep dentures in good condition. Many of these problems are solely associated with denture use, but they can be avoided by choosing dental bridges.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

To create a dental bridge, a dentist will reshape the adjacent teeth in the area to provide a connection for the porcelain bridge to span the space where teeth are missing. The bridge will be bonded or cemented to your existing teeth and function without removal. They will feel and look just like natural teeth. Compared to dentures, there are numerous advantages to bridges: • Bridges last on average 15 years before possibly needing a replacement. • Because they are fixed in place, bridges do not interfere with eating. • As a normal part of the teeth, you will be able to speak normally with a bridge in place. • Regular brushing, flossing (around and under the bridge), and general dentistry checkups are needed to keep bridges clean and gums healthy. No matter where missing teeth are located, a bridge could be an option to help create a great-looking smile that lasts for years!

Help from a Skilled Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist

A great-looking smile is possible through the many dental procedures offered at the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Together with our dental team, you can create a plan for improving the appearance and well-being of your teeth and gums, all in a comfortable and relaxing environment. To learn more about how we can help you, call (704) 364-4711 today to schedule an appointment. Your best smile is possible with our team on your side!   In addition to dentures or bridges, dental implants are also an option.