The Benefits of Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth or even a few missing teeth? It used to be that dentures were the only option to replace missing teeth, but in the modern world of dentistry, dental implants are now the superior choice. In fact, dental implants are one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years.   This popular procedure will help you feel more confident about your new, natural-looking smile. If you are looking for a dentist office in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Patrick Broome, DMD is an expert at smile makeovers using dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants consist of a titanium rod and a crown (tooth replacement) that is surgically inserted into the jawbone as a solid anchor. Then a replacement “tooth” (a custom-made, natural-looking crown) is placed on top. The titanium is compatible with the human body and the bone actually grows around the titanium rod to keep it in place. Inserting dental implants is a surgical procedure so you will need to undergo anesthesia. However, most people have reported minimal pain after the surgery and are often able to go back to work the following day. Most people are suitable candidates for dental implants.  Your dentist will need to do a consultation to make sure that you are healthy enough for the surgery before you can receive the implant.

Why Do I Need A Dental Implant?

Dental implants help reduce bone loss that can often occur after a tooth has fallen out. This procedure is the only one that stimulates new bone growth. They also help you eat better by allowing you to use all of your teeth when you chew and there are no restrictions to what you can eat. Fun fact: You will never experience a cavity in this tooth again. In contrast, dentures take some time to get used to and are quite unnatural. There is a learning curve, they can move in your mouth which can slur your speech, and there are restrictions to what you can eat.

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Implants?

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. They are just like your natural teeth in that you can brush and floss them.  Brushing two times a day and flossing once a day will help keep your teeth healthy and will help prevent gum disease. It is also important to visit your dentist office in Charlotte for a routine cleaning and examination every 6 months. This will allow your dentist to identify any potential issues with your teeth and gums.

Make a Consultation for Dental Implants Today!

If you would like dental implants to give you a more confident smile, contact the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to make a consultation with Dr. Broome by calling 704.364.4711. He will design a smile makeover to boost your confidence and self-esteem while improving your oral health. For those that may be worried about getting dental implants, sedation is also an option.