Amusement Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina

Amusement Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina

Due to the hot and humid climate in Charlotte in the Spring and Summer seasons, water parks are very popular in charlotte. They are a perfect way for families and friends to cool off on the weekends while having fun playing games and experiencing exciting rides. Some of the most popular amusement parks that incorporate water rides and splash parks are Carowinds, Ray’s Splash Planet, and Funtasticks Charlotte.

Carowinds, located in the southwest portion of Charlotte, is a large amusement park with several intense roller coasters, water themed rides, and character encounters. In addition to the fun rides, they feature some unique shows with characters such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. If you want an even more personal experience, you can actually have a meal with these characters!

Ray’s Splash Planet is a smaller theme park that is much more heavily focused towards water rides. It is located in Mecklenburg County, and it is actually funded by the county members. It is a totally indoor facility, and it has garnered a respectable 4.2 star rating from about 500 reviews. Some of the main attractions are water slides, swimming pools, cool water fountains, and aquatic sports.

Finally, Funtasticks Charlotte is a popular chain that features but aquatic zones and an arcade. Kids can take a swim at the pool and ride the water slide, and once they are done and get dried up, they can go to the arcade to play some games and win cool prizes.What is unique about this amusement park is the variety of activities they offer. They have a mini-golfing area, laser tag, and even a go-kart stadium. Regardless, people in Charlotte have a wide variety of activities ranging from shopping to visiting the many amusement parks.

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