If you look at photos of yourself and notice that your smile shows a little more gum than tooth, you may have what is known as a gummy smile. Excessive gum tissue is not a health concern, but it can detract from your pearly whites and obscure your smile. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, patients can correct an extra gummy smile with just a few simple treatment options.

Gummy Smile dental experts charlotteWith a thorough evaluation, Dr. Broome can determine the exact cause of a patient’s gummy smile and provide the best possible treatment plan. The most effective solutions for a gummy smile include:

Veneers or Lumineers – In some cases, a smile may appear extra gummy if the teeth are simply too short in comparison to the gum tissue. By permanently attaching custom-made porcelain shells to the teeth, Dr. Broome can effectively lengthen the teeth while also giving them a brighter appearance.

Laser Crown Lengthening – Some patients may need to have excess gum tissue removed in order to expose more teeth and create a fuller smile.

Orthodontics – Braces or Invisalign may be used to reposition teeth in such a way that the smile appears less gummy.

Lip Repositioning – If more gum is exposed because the upper lip simply lifts too high, the lip can be repositioned to reveal only an aesthetically pleasing amount of gum tissue when smiling. This can be accomplished with Botox injections, which weaken the lip muscles, or through surgical repositioning or shortening of the muscles.

For more information on gummy smile treatments, visit WebMD.com.

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