What is the Link Between Cancer and Gum Disease?

Charlotte Gum DiseaseWhen your dentist tells you to brush and floss your teeth every day, you're doing more for your health than simply preventing cavities. As numerous studies have determined, your oral health is directly linked to your overall physical and mental health. In fact, one of the most serious health risks linked to gum disease is cancer. According to a Harvard study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, men with advanced gum disease have a 63 percent higher incidence of pancreatic cancer, which is a type of cancer that typically has a very poor prognosis. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Broome and his team are dedicated to protecting our patients’ total wellness and offer personalized treatment plans to meet each patient’s specific health concerns and goals.

The Gum Disease-Cancer Link

While researchers are still trying to determine the exact causal relationship between gum disease and cancer, one of the main factors is the inflammation process that occurs with periodontal diseases. Everyone has billions of bacteria in their mouths that most work to protect the teeth and gums from decay, which is usually the case for those with a strong oral hygiene routine. However, when harmful bacteria are allowed to propagate, it can lead to caries, bad breath, and gum disease. The harmful bacteria that cause gum disease can spread to the circulatory system, which carries the bacteria to various parts of the body, triggering the immune system's inflammatory process. Unfortunately, the inflammation can lead to a build up of harmful bacteria in the blood vessels, which causes chronic inflammation and an overall weakened immune system. It is this process of contaminating the body with harmful bacteria and creating a weak immune system that makes the body more vulnerable to cancer.

Treating Gum Disease

It is important to remember that gum disease can be treated and controlled, and may even be reversible in some cases. It is crucial to have a thorough hygiene plan in place and to have regular cleanings and exams with your dentist. At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are proud to offer Oral Bacterial DNA Testing to evaluate our patient’s oral health and create a custom treatment plan.

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