Parks and Historical Monuments in Charlotte, NC

Parks and Historical Monuments in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, there are many state parks that one can visit and have a good time with friends and family. Additionally, there are historic monuments all around the city. However, those within Uptown Charlotte are extremely popular due to the booming city life that is taking place at the moment.  


One of the most famous parks in Charlotte is the Romare Bearden Park. With almost 3,000 reviews and a 4.7 star rating, you can’t go wrong when visiting this 4.5 acre park. What is great about this park, in addition to its wonderfully groomed fields and foliage, is that they are offering bi-weekly concerts for free! Visitors can come and bring their blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy a night of good music, and food and drink vendors will be present as well.  

Historical Monuments:

As a city founded before the American Revolution, it is no surprise that it has multiple historical monuments. These can include things like battle sites and statues, but it is important for visitors to visit these places in order to get the full Charlotte experience. As a Southern state, North Carolina was a state that did participate in slavery, but what is left behind is actually interesting to learn about its history. The Historic Latta Plantation, located not too far away from Charlotte, is a historic site of a 19th century cotton plantation where they offer tours and exhibits for visitors to learn about a piece of North Carolina’s history. Due to the American Revolution, there were several battles fought across the country, and one that took place in Charlotte was the Battle of Charlotte. This battle took place in what is now Uptown Charlotte, and to commemorate the event, there is a battle marker outside of Mecklenburg County Courthouse, which is where the battle took place. Finally, The Queen Charlotte Statue is a statue located in Downtown Charlotte that portrays the wife of King George III of England. This is actually who the state of Charlotte was named after, so it is interesting to see how the state came to be before the American Revolution. To learn more about Charlotte, NC, click here