Focus on Results First to Save Money Later

At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Broome has the expertise, talent and techniques to get you the results you desire the first time. Whether you’ve had a bad experience, or are unsure about the cost of dental treatment, or other therapy, at the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand. Our entire team is here to deliver a calm, safe, and welcoming environment. As soon as you enter our practice you will feel we are designed to be different. From our spa experience and welcoming atmosphere to our caring staff, we want you to feel at ease when you come to see us.

The Best Dentist For Your Smile

If you go abroad and find that your results didn’t meet your expectations, we are here to help. We feel it is important to meet you where you are and gain an understanding of the situation. We also are sensitive to the emotions that come along with less than optimal care and operate a judgement-free practice. Dr. Broome has the expertise and ability to help, and we are all happy to meet those who seek us out for help. Dr. Broome is a world-renowned specialist in smile design and also treats difficult “dental revision” cases. He meets many patients who have gone on "dental tourism trips," seeking complex or extensive dental treatments for a very low price. Dr. Broome attracts clientele from around the world who are looking for the very best results to his practice in Charlotte, NC.

Our Mission Is Your Mission

Our mission is to provide minimally-invasive and innovative dental solutions that help our patients accomplish their aesthetic goals. We are guided by a simple question: “What is the very best solution that will provide the best return on investment for our patients?” This means consulting and advising you every step of the way, so you know exactly what is going on. Dr. Patrick Broome set out to create a practice that patients would look forward to visiting. He designed Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to break the mold of the traditional dentist office, and it has become the destination of choice for all types of patients seeking solutions to complex dental problems delivered at a higher level. By offering custom-designed cosmetic solutions, Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides a more personal approach to achieving the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams. Dr. Broome believes that continual learning is the path to excellence, and he continues to make an extraordinary commitment to continuing education every year. He has acquired extensive postgraduate training in programs dedicated to both cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Along with his extensive training, Dr. Broome possesses a unique eye for smile design and draws a wide number of patients from all over the world who leave his office with their smile goals accomplished.

Tools for Dental Success

What helps set Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry apart is our use and expertise in cutting-edge technology. We focus our practice around using state-of-the-art general, cosmetic, restorative, and laser dentistry techniques. We use the most advanced minimally invasive procedures, techniques, and equipment that doesn’t require multiple visits or to be in a chair for hours on end. These technologies allow Dr. Broome to provide less invasive and more easily tolerated dental procedures than ever, so you can receive not just the best treatment but the most comfortable treatment, as well. Our revolutionary dental treatments include: Whether you’re just coming for a simple fix or a more complex procedure or revision, we also offer medications to relieve any anxiety you might be feeling. If you need oral surgery—such as a root-canal procedure, dental implants, or a deep cleaning—we offer both local anesthetics and sedation dentistry. Dr. Broome always goes over your options before scheduling your procedure, so you can be fully prepared, confident, and at ease. Check out our blog on how cosmetic dentistry can improve health.

Virtually Meet With Us For A Thorough Consultation

Our global reach means you can reach the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry via a virtual consultation. This convenient option for you to meet Dr. Broome and discuss any questions or concerns about your procedure also saves you time and money you might have spent traveling to a dental office. A virtual consultation might even reveal that you won’t need as drastic a procedure as you thought.

Spa Experience

What makes us different from most other dentist offices is our one-of-a-kind spa experience. From the moment you walk in, you won’t feel like you’re in a dentist’s office. Instead, we built a space that is warm and inviting, instantly putting you at ease. The spa experience extends into our cosmetic suites. Here are just a few of the amenities we offer:
  • Bose noise-canceling wireless headsets you can plug into your phone or our TVs
  • Over-the-chair-LED TVs
  • DirecTV with 400+ channels
  • Paraffin hot wax hand therapy
  • Luxurious memory foam-lined patient chairs with built-in gentle Ergo-Soothe massage for relaxation
With these added amenities, the dental care we offer you goes beyond what you’d get at another practice.

Trust the Top-Rated Dentist in Charlotte With Your Investment

Invest in your health by choosing a dentist who will perform your procedures correctly the first time. Oral health is essential to overall health, so trust us to help you get the procedures you need. Contact Dr. Broome at our South Park location today.