Advantages of the T-Scan Digital Bite Analysis System

If your crown or filling feels too high, or you think you may have a bad or unbalanced bite, Dr. Patrick J. Broome’s Charlotte dentist office can help. Dr. Broome is committed to using the most technologically advanced dental equipment available to ensure all of his patients receive the best care possible.

At the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Broome is proud to use the T-Scan Digital Bite Analysis system to discover and diagnose problems with his patients’ bites.

What is the T-Scan Digital Bite Analysis System?

T-Scan Charlotte Dentistry

The T-Scan Digital Bite Analysis System is one of the most state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools available to dentists today.

The T-Scan system is also known as the T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System. It is an ultra-thin sensor shaped to fit into your mouth in order to measure your bite force, timing, and location. The T-Scan sensor connects via USB to your expert dentist’s computer. When you bite, the T-Scan system analyzes and displays the information in full-color 3D images that help your dentist see any potential problems with your bite. The T-Scan system even translates information about your bite, such as the force and timing of your bite in certain locations, into graphs for your cosmetic dentist’s convenience.

What Makes the T-Scan Digital Bite Analysis System Revolutionary?

In the old days, patients bit down on carbon paper to record their bites! Dentists would then analyze the impression made on the paper in order to diagnose any potential bite issues. The T-Scan system is more precise and easier to read for our patients with no special dental knowledge. Another advantage of the T-Scan system is that it produces detailed pre- and post-procedure records so you can track your progress in achieving your smile makeover in North Carolina.

Do I Have a Bad Bite?

If you have a “good” bite, when you close your mouth, all of your teeth touch at the same time with about the same amount of force. If you have a “bad” bite, your bite is unbalanced, potentially causing numerous issues over time such as discomfort when chewing or biting down.

What Are Potential Problems Caused by A Bad Bite?

Many patients who visit our spa-like dentist office in Charlotte complain of teeth grinding and clenching, toothaches, mouth and jaw soreness as well as non-dental symptoms such as headaches, earaches, and general facial discomfort. These patients are often surprised to learn that a “bad”, or unbalanced, bite can contribute to or cause all of these issues!

If your filling or crown seems too high, but repeated visits to your current dentist offer no relief, call the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and ask to be analyzed by the T-Scan system. Dr. Broome may be able to diagnose bite issues a dentist using carbon paper cannot.

Fix Your Bad Bite at our Dentist Office in Charlotte

Don’t ignore your bad or unbalanced bite. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a bad bite such as trouble chewing, mouth soreness, facial discomfort, or teeth grinding and clenching, contact Dr. Broome at Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to learn if the T-Scan system can help diagnose and fix your bite problems by calling (704) 364-4711 today!

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