How to Achieve the Perfect Smile

best dentist charlotte ncA smile is the first thing we see in another person. It can leave a commanding first impression, and give you confidence everyday. Achieving the perfect smile starts with finding the perfect cosmetic dentist. At the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to giving you the confidence in your smile that you’ve always wanted. We offer a wide variety of treatments, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Dental Implants in Charlotte

Tooth loss can be very frustrating, but it is not hopeless. We are no longer limited to uncomfortable and tedious dentures. Today’s standard practice is the dental implant procedure. It works by installing metal posts through the gum and into the jawbone. This gives your new tooth as much stability as the original root. After the rod is given time to bond and fuse to the gum and jawbone, a custom porcelain crown is permanently installed. Not only will it be indistinguishable from your other teeth, it will also be completely functional. This means you will have no dietary restrictions — you can eat whatever you ate before your tooth loss.

Teeth Straightening with Invisalign

Most people are not born with a perfectly straight smile, or their teeth may shift from gum disease or trauma. Whatever the source of crooked teeth, treatment has never been easier or more accessible than right now. Invisalign is a state of the art technology that straightens your teeth without clunky metal glued to your teeth. Dr. Broome will make records of your teeth, create digital models, and plan your entire treatment virtually. A customized set of clear aligners will then be created. Every two weeks you will change to a new aligner that is straighter than the last. In a few short months you will have the beautiful smile you have always wanted.  Invisalign has helped millions of patients around the world get their best smile possible.

Charlotte Teeth Whitening

Most patients cite teeth whitening as an immediate goal. Today there are a number of options for attaining whiter teeth, but many of them are ineffective so it’s important that you seek treatment from an expert. Many patients initially opt for home treatments. While they may be effective, without proper application, patients can do damage to the gum or cause a great deal of tooth sensitivity. Dr. Broome can offer an alternative. Zoom! is a cutting edge program that uses a specific blend of chemicals, along with lighting techniques, to produce superior results. Each procedure takes about an hour and you will leave the office with a white, brighter smile.

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