4 Surprising Foods that Can Damage Your Teeth

Here at the Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we promote healthy teeth by encouraging patients to stay away from sugary things like soda and candy which can damage your teeth and cause cavities. It is important to take care of our teeth as our oral health can affect our overall health. With regular dental appointments being every six months, there is a lot of time in between appointments to build up plaque, but if we eat healthy foods and avoid damaging ones, we can help our teeth stay stronger longer. Sometimes it is hard to know, though, which foods we should eat sparingly and some may surprise you!

Here are a few examples of everyday foods that could be weakening your teeth.

1. Dried and canned fruits – They seem healthy, but dried fruit and canned fruit are also packed with sugar and can be very sticky, binding the sugar to your teeth and allowing bacteria to grow. In excess, this causes cavities and decay. A good alternative is to stick to fresh fruits or fruits canned in their own juices with no added sugar. 2. Popcorn – Kernels easily get stuck in your teeth, which also invites bacteria to grow. Eating the kernels that are un-popped or only slightly popped can also cause your teeth to crack! In that case, you would need to get to your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte right away for a porcelain crown to protect your tooth. 3. Potato Chips– Although they are light and crunchy, potato chips turn into a gooey substance when chewed that easily gets stuck between your teeth. The starch sticks in between the cracks of your teeth and can invite bacteria to grow. While not immediately harmful or necessary to avoid eating, it is just important that you brush and floss well after eating! 4. Ice – Sometimes it is tempting to chew on ice after drinking a cool beverage, but chewing on ice can crack your teeth and should be avoided. What else can you do to protect your teeth? Our cosmetic dentist in Charlotte has other great tips to help keep your teeth healthy and strong, such as: • Brush your teeth twice a day • Floss at least once a day • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria and to keep your breath smelling fresh

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Even if you are doing all of these things, it is still important to have regular dental checkups to get your teeth cleaned, make sure you don’t have any cavities, and ensure optimal oral health. Preventative care will help with your long-term health and help you avoid extensive dental work in the future. Contact Dr. Broome at 704-364-4711 today to schedule your consultation! In addition to these foods, here are some more dental dangers to watch out for in your diet.