Tooth Extraction Specialist in CharlotteIn the event that a tooth cannot be saved, it may be necessary to remove (extract) it. The most common reasons for dental extractions include infection, trauma, caries, or overcrowding. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly removed teeth because they can cause a number of complications when they finally begin to push toward the surface of the gums, often becoming impacted or pressing against sensitive nerves.

As always, we utilize advanced anesthetics that numb the area so we can ensure complete comfort. The procedure itself can take only a few minutes, and the extraction site can be grafted to preserve your natural bone as well as ensure the site is favorable for an implant some time in the future. Dr. Broome and his team routinely utilize the best grafting options to help patients preserve their bone and get ready for implants or keep their options open for implants at some point in the future. Placing bone graft material when a tooth is removed is the very best time to augment the area with new bone and to prevent further bone loss and attrition. Once bone loss occurs, it is significantly more expensive to replace and rebuild it.

Along with advanced bone grafting techniques, we take extra steps to ensure that common complications such as dry socket are avoided. Dry socket is an irritation of the bone surrounding the extraction site. When we place bone grafting material and place sutures over the treated area we are sealing in the clot and preventing debris from getting inside near the bone. This services takes just a few more minutes but helps our patients avoid common post-operative complications and pain.

If Dr. Broome and his team are performing extractions you will receive detailed instructions on what to do as well as what not to do following the procedure. We are always ready to help and happy to answer questions at any time.

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At Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we actually take great pride in our surgical skills. We know excellent extraction techniques and bone preservation protocols provide tremendous value for our patients. We love hearing patients tell us they didn’t have any pain or they have never experienced such a gentle procedure. Most all of our patients elect IV sedation for extractions and implant placement procedure. IV sedation is fast, effective, and very safe.

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